Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Thursday July 4 Explore Brown County Zip Line

The owners of of Valley Branch Retreat, Gary and Patricia Bartels, gave me a nice cabin for the night. I slept very well! Very reasonable rates.

At 1:00 P.M. I went on a 5 zipline canopy tour with a great bunch of people. I had very informative and funny guides, Kyle and Brett, who entertained us the entire time!

The 2nd line is a dual line and there is only one guide to catch us on the other side so they told us to grab the red rope when we got there. We would be stopped by a block brake. Well, I wasn't paying attention and started going backwards to the center of the zipline. Since i didn't have any gloves, there was nothing I could do, but hang out and take pictures! Brett zipped out to get me and with gloves pulled me in; everyone got a good laugh on me, but it made them all paranoid about grabbing the red rope; even though that was the only line we had to do that! Without gloves, I couldn't even show off my sloth crawl!

I was with a large group and we had a great time. Love the Indiana terrain!

Later in the afternoon I went on their Screamer Line. It was fast and about 1220 feet long.

They have a total of 15 lines.

They also have Paintball, ATV tours, Mountain biking, camping and cabins.

After zipping and hanging out a while, I returned to Lark Valley and stayed at a cabin there.

Explore Brown County
2620 Valley Branch Rd
Nashville, Indiana 47448


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