Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sunday July 21 PostOak Canopy Tours

When I left Okolona, I drove toward Tulsa, Oklahoma. I wasn't sure how long it would take, but I knew PostOak was only open on Saturday and Sunday, so if I was going to zip it I needed to get as close as possible on Saturday night; I was 348 miles away. I was able to get within 150 miles which made me very happy! 

I arrived at PostOak about 10 A.M. and was able to get in on the 11 A.M. tour. It was raining, but there was no thunder so we were able to zip. We were all thankful for the rain, the day before I had zipped in temps in the high 90s. The rain really cooled us off. It was ending as we finished the tour and we could feel the temperature rising quickly and it was quite steamy.

The zip lines were great and I enjoyed a beautiful tour in rolling land in Oklahoma. We had 10 people on this tour and had a lot of fun on the 3,865 feet of cable, 6 lines, and 7 platforms with fabulous views of the Osage plains and downtown Tulsa. 

PostOak is owned/managed by the same group that owns Buffalo Canopy Tours in Ponca, AR. My awesome guides were Kayla and Jesse.

Coty is the manager and Jennifer runs the office! Great people!

They use the block brake, which I love because I don't have to do anything and so I can look around and enjoy the view. A new feature they used that I had not seen was gadget on the end of the block that captured the trolley and prevented the zip rider from bouncing off the block and going back out on the line. I like this! 

PostOak Canopy Tours
TULSA, OK 74127


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