Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Monday July 22

When I left OKC, I drove down to Davis, Oklahoma to check out another zip. I knew they were closed on Monday and Tuesday, but I hoped someone would be there for other activities...gate was locked. 

I decided I did not want to hang around Davis for 2 days in the heat. 

A couple I had met in Eureka Springs, Carla and Vance had invited me to their home in Roanoke, TX. They had a zipline within 2 miles of their house. I checked their address on my GPS and I was only 112 miles from them, so I contacted them to see if it was convenient for me to come down. 

I headed that way and stopped at DFW Adventures in Roanoke to check them out! I talked to Mike, the manager and he said if I could come back in the morning I could zip.

I heard from Carla and it all worked out that I could spend the night with them. We had a nice visit and enjoyed visiting. It was so nice to take a real shower and have a bed, AC and WiFi! Ahhh!

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