Friday, August 23, 2013

Wednesday August 21 - 28 Reedsport, OR

I left Trees of Mystery and drove up the coast, soon reaching Oregon. I love the coast of is sooo beautiful!

Some fog was rolling in, but as I drove farther North it dissipated to I was able to drive all the way to Reedsport, Oregon, to my friend's, Debbie and Tim's house; arriving at 9:00 P.M., just after dark!

I spent  Thursday - Monday writing on the blog and trying to catch up, and enjoying visiting with my friends.

Wednesday August 21 Trees of Mystery and Sky Trail Klamath, California

I left Arcata and drove North along PCH. When I was driving South the day before, I had passed Trees of Mystery and saw they had a gondola ride through the redwoods and thought  that would be a cool place.

So, I stopped and was able to walk through the Trees of Mystery to the Sky Trail and take the 7 to 9 minute gondola ride through the redwood forest canopy to Ted's Ridge where there was an observation deck with views of Klamath Forest to the east and Hidden Beach and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The Kingdom of the Trees path shows the awesomeness of a coastal redwood forest. 

Along the path, with informational displays, are Coastal Redwoods, Douglas Fir and Sitka Spruce. Also, this area is home to the Cathedral Tree, a collection of nine trees growing together as one.

The views, and ride through the trees, were awesome.

I highly recommend stopping.

Trees of Mystery
15500 Us Highway 101 N, Klamath, CA
Near the intersection of Us Highway 101 N and Lonesome Rd
Phone:(707) 482-2251


Wednesday August 21 Northcoast Adventures Zipline Arcata, California

I had been trying for several days to reach Northcoast Adventures Zipline. I finally got someone on the phone about 12:15 P.M. 

After speaking with a reservationist, I asked to speak with the manager, who the reservationist had been talking to while I was on the phone with her, she said he had left the office. I asked her to have him call me. An hour later, I called back and asked for the manager and he would not speak with me. I did get the address for the zipline.

I arrived at the zipline about 1:15 P.M., hoping to zip the 2:00 P.M. tour. When the guide arrived, I asked him and he said he would check. I had never met a tour guide that was so unenthusiastic about ziplining!

He told me the cost was $75. 

I then asked about the tour and was told that there is a 70 ft tree to climb to start and then three lines: 30 ft, 130 ft, and 170 ft. These are very short lines.

I did not zip.     

Tuesday August 20 Driving in California

After leaving XUS, I drove South on Hwy 101, the Pacific Coast Highway. It was a beautiful drive. I pulled over several times to gaze at the water and rocks along the way. I drove through part of the Redwood Forest with its magnificent trees. 

I spent the night near the water in Trinidad after driving as far south as Eureka.

Tuesday August 20 XUS Zipline Adventures Smith River, California

I left Cave Junction and drove to Smith River, California where i met Brock Richards. The place is owned by his father, Bill Richards. 

This is a great place for a zipline party for adults or kids. They can accommodate large groups, like church groups and Boy Scouts.

I like the layout. They have a center tower to climb, then all the ziplines go out in different directions. You can see the mountains and also out to the Pacific Ocean.

There are 4 different directions to go, with two of the lines being duals for racing with a friend!

I loved the place and how they have it set up! My guides were Brock, Bill and Horse! Thanks guys.

Pics later

XUS Zipline Adventures
13400 Oceanview Drive
Smith River, CA


Monday August 19 Out 'n About Zipline and Treehouses

I left Gold Hill at 1:30 P.M. and drove 60 miles to Cave Junction and Out 'n About for a 3:00 P.M. tour. I arrived at 2:40 and met Adam who set me up with gear. There was a little walking on this tour but not bad and the guides are always willing to stop and let us catch out breath if needed.

We zipped 9 lines with speeds up to 45 mph. Some of the lines were in the trees with long ones across the field. Fun tour! This tour can be done with the first 5 or the complete 9. 

After the regular zipline tour another tour can be done that requires a 70 ft ascend on a double rope system. I was harnessed in and the system allowed me to climb up the rope and set it so I could not slide back down. I have to say this was a workout, but worth the climb because then I got to zip a 740 ft zipline. When I reached the other platform I then rapelled down 50 feet.

After all of this, I still had to try the Tarzan swing. I was pulled 70 feet up, where I let go and went into freefall until the rope caught me and swung me back a forth. This swing get s a real scream out of me. I did it twice!

I have to say, I was pretty tired at the end of this day, so when the owner Mike said he had a treehouse for me to stay in, I was ecstatic to say the least. The place is so cool!

I was invited to eat with a family who was cooking salmon on the grill...what a treat!

I loved the treehouse. I had a complete bath with shower and queen bed.

There were steps and then a suspension bridge to get to my place. I had a deck that I could sit on and look out at the lit up bridges and walkways that were all lit up. Between the walk ways there were places to sit or just look out.

The treehouses were all different heights and really cool. What a great place to stay!

There are also other activities there. Several horses for horseback riding. Great place for cooking on the grill and picnicking. Fire rings for campfires.

I loved this place and hope to go back. This is a great place for families or adults!

Pics later  

Out 'n About Treehouse Tresort
Treehouse Zipline
300 Page Creek Rd.
Cave Junction, OR. 97523