Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wednesday July 31 Captain Zipline Salida, Colorado

I arrived in Salida on Tuesday night and arrived at Captain Zipline on Wednesday morning about 8:30 A.M. Monty Holmes is the owner and creator of Captain Zipline. The manager, Pat was able to book me on a 10 A.M. tour. The office was in town, so we were driven in a van, about 10 miles, out to the course. The views are magnificent!

Erynn and Josh were great guides. Josh knew a lot about the history and geology of the area; which I love hearing about!

There was quite a bit of walking, but the guides stop for us to take a breather. I was still having problems breathing from the high altitude, but I didn't slow anyone down!

There are 7 lines of various lengths. We learned about the history, flors and fauna of the area

Glove braking.

Great area for a zipline. Nice views.

Captain Zipline
Salida, Colorado

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