Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday August 16 Zip Idaho in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho

I spent the night in Horseshoe Bend at a beautiful spot on the Payette River.

I had spoken to the owner, Eric, the day before and was able to book an 11 A.M. tour.

We began with a 20 minute van ride up a mountain, about 9 miles north of town. The ride was great one in which we saw a lot of the land. We had a small snag at one point when we discovered a tree had fallen across the road, but our awesome guides, Chris and Cody were able to put a strap on it and pull it out of the way with the van. We arrived at the top and zipped 6 great lines. One line was 2038 feet long and the fastest one was about 55 mph.

The tour is 3 - 3.5 hours.

Will add more later, but the pictures really tell the story!

Zip Idaho
101 Locust St
Horseshoe Bend, Idaho 
208-793-2ZIP (2947)



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