Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tuesday September 24 Bomber Zipline@ Wildman Adventures

Sunday September 22 Towering Pines Zipline Grand Marais, Minnesota

Sunday afternoon, I arrived in Grand Marais, Minnesota. Towering Pines Zipline is actually 43 miles west from there. 

After Chris orientated me, he turned me over to my awesome guides, Alex and Andrew. 

Towering Pines is owned by Bruce Kerfoot, father of Lee Kerfoot, who owns Kerfoot Canopy Tours in Henderson, MN. 

I had a great time on my private 8 Line tour! We were on the border, so Canada was right there! 

We saw Gunflint Lake and Lonely Lake. Learned a lot about the area...the guides were very knowledgeable! 

Loved it!

Sunday September 22 Timber Flyer@ Spirit Mountain Duluth, Minnesota

On Sunday morning, I drove to Spirit Mountain in Duluth, Minnesota. 

I rode the Timber Flyer, a two seat chair that whisks you down the mountain and back! Thanks Grace and Brendon, it was awesome. 

I then rode the Alpine Coaster...had it wide won't leave the track like the Alpine Slide! Loved it!

Saturday September 21 Sand Creek Adventures Jordan, Minnesota

I drove to Sand Creek Adventures in Jordan, Minnesota. 

I met Al, the property owner and his son, Duane, who owns the Zipline. 

My awesome guides were Calvin, Howie and Julie. 

Great views zipping over Sand Creek! 

One line had a slide to start the zip! It was cool...I tried it forward and backwards!

There were 3 lines that we zipped twice! 

Loved it!