Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wednesday October 23 North Georgia Canopy Tours Lula Georgia

On Wednesday, I zipped 12 lines at North Georgia Canopy Tours, in Lula, Georgia. My awesome guides were Henry and Blake who kept us safe and moving through the trees. The views were wonderful and I loved having 12 lines. The last line was long and across the pond...I like zipping over water! it was a dual line so I raced Henry, one of the guides...he won! I had a great time. I also had the pleasure of speaking Kirk, he and his wife, Leah are the owners!


Sunday October 13 Red Gorge Lodge Campton Kentucky

I had the pleasure of staying the night at Red Gorge Lodge in Campton, Kentucky. The views were amazing, and I had a corner room, so I had two great views. On the deck outside my room I could see the last zipline! The colors were gorgeous and there was a wedding down below out on the edge of the gorge. 

Wendy and Jim attended to my every need! It was a very nice stay! Thank you!

Sunday October 13 Red River Gorge Campton, Kentucky

On October 13th, I zipped my 101st tour at Red River Gorge in Campton, Kentucky. It was awesome! The views were amazing. On the last line I zipped over the gorge. Unless you are on a zipline you cannot see the rock face on the side of the gorge! Wow! What a sight! I was 300 ft above the gorge! There were 5 lines and line #4 reaches speeds over 50 mph! My awesome guides were Don, Zack and Nick! Thank you Amy! I really enjoyed myself!