Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sunday July 28 & Monday July 29 Alpine Adventures Ziplines Wolcott, Colorado near Vail

I arrived at Alpine Adventures, 15 miles west of Vail, about 10 A.M. and was able to get on an 11 A.M. tour. We rode up to the zipline in a Pinzgauer 6-wheel drive vehicle...the scariest part of the trip...just kidding!

The views of the canyon were magnificent, however, after 3 lines the rain was making the ground to ground landings very muddy, so we quit for the day. We walked up a short trail and the jeep picked us up! The views were so awesome I did not want to miss the other 3 lines, so I stayed overnight.

It was still early in the day, so I drove to Vail, about 15 miles to the east, to look around.

I arrived back the next morning about 8:30 A.M. for an early tour. It was raining on my drive there, but I figured if it was raining, I would go to the library and work. I was not going to complain about rain in Colorado. They needed it! However, when I arrived at 4 Eagle Ranch, it was not raining and the sun was coming out! 

During the 2 - 2 1/2 hour tour, we were zipping over a very deep canyon and at times were over 250 feet in the air. The hiking is easy to moderate The views were amazing! There were rivers and streams. We were over the Alakai River which flows into the Eagle River and then into the Colorado River. Wow! What a view! We had a long zip through the canyon which was so cool! We could see waterfalls and unique cliffs. There was also a van at the bottom of the canyon that had been there 20 years. They use a block braking system and we ride on double pulleys. Lines up to a 1000 feet long!

We had a full body harness, so I went upside down a couple of times, but mostly I just rode and took in the magnificent views! 

There was some hiking, but not a lot. My awesome guides were Kieran and Evan who took good care of us!

Alpine Zip Adventures
4 Eagle Ranch 
Wolcott, Colorado

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