Friday, August 23, 2013

Tuesday August 20 XUS Zipline Adventures Smith River, California

I left Cave Junction and drove to Smith River, California where i met Brock Richards. The place is owned by his father, Bill Richards. 

This is a great place for a zipline party for adults or kids. They can accommodate large groups, like church groups and Boy Scouts.

I like the layout. They have a center tower to climb, then all the ziplines go out in different directions. You can see the mountains and also out to the Pacific Ocean.

There are 4 different directions to go, with two of the lines being duals for racing with a friend!

I loved the place and how they have it set up! My guides were Brock, Bill and Horse! Thanks guys.

Pics later

XUS Zipline Adventures
13400 Oceanview Drive
Smith River, CA


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