Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tuesday July 30 Top of the Rockies Zipline

I arrived at Top of the Rockies in Leadville, Colorado, late afternoon Monday and was able to talk to the manager, Oz, and the owner, Judy to set up a tour for the next morning.

I spent the night at Crystal Lakes where I had a beautiful view at 9,400 foot elevation.

I arrived early the next morning and rode the 6-ton Monster Truck up to the first zip platform. I then zipped 5 lines with views of the tallest peak in Colorado, Mount Elbert, as well as, the 3rd highest peak. 4 of the lines were dual lines so even though we had 20 people on the tour, we zipped pretty quickly!

We zipped over the tracks of the the Historic Leadville Colorado & Southern Railroad.

We were at an elevation of 11,200 feet. There was very little uphill walking, the walking we did was mostly downhill!

We saw continental divide views of 14,000 ft mountains, streams and canyons.

Absolutely beautiful views!  Oz, the manager, was one of my guides and Carlos, Ben and Jay were the other 3. They used a block brake with a catcher on the end so that no one could slide back out onto the line. They also have a 2 trolley line.

Thank you Ewan for the pictures!

Top of the Rockies
6492 Highway 91
Leadville, CO 80461


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