Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Wednesday September 4 Canopy Tours NW Camano Island, Washington

Zipped  6 lines through Douglas Fir, Red Cedar and Alder trees. Beautiful! My awesome guides were Travis and Aron!

Met Nancy, who owns the place along with 4 of her siblings! The 200+ acres has been in the family for over 100 years.

I really like that they have nice placards through the course with lots of info. If you can't read the ones I have pictured, they are on their website.

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Monday September 2 Treehouse Island Zipline Adventures Silver lake, Washington

While zipping in Skamania, my guide told me about a zipline that had just opened on Silver Lake.

I was able to find info and drove to Treehouse Island.

The owner, Grady, took us by boat across Silver Lake to the Island. We then zipped 5 lines through beautiful trees. We climbed a lot of ladders, but we were always hooked in so even a misstep on the ladder we would not have fallen.

My guide, along with Grady was Chi! 

A very beautiful place and a nice day ziplining.

There were views of Mt St Helens as we were going across the lake. I couldn't see the top because of clouds, but we had a blue sky and nice temps for being out and about!

Treehouse Island Zipline Adventures, LLC 
4220 Spirit Lake Hwy
Silver Lake, WA 98645
(360) 274-2425

Monday September 2 Skamania Resort Stevenson, Washington

A very nice resort with absolutely beautiful views of the Columbia River and the Cascade Mountains. 

It was an awesome 7 line tour with my fabulous guides, Brooklynn and Aaron. 

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Sunday September 1 Mt Hood Adventure Park Skibowl

On Sunday morning I arrived at the Adventure park and met Mark, VP of operations. The park has a lot to offer. Malibu racecars, ziplining, bungee jumping, reverse bungee jumping and more.

You can see Mt Hood from anywhere in the park, but seeing it zipling is really awesome!

They have 2 lines which I enjoyed.

I then decided to do the bungee jumping...my first time! Very different jumping off this platform..., but I did it and it was awesome!

I next tried reverse bungee jumping. I laid on the cushions and then an line pulled me up into the air. WOW! really cool. I went upside down and right side up! I liked it!

more later

Mt Hood Adventure Park at Skibowl
87000 E. HWY 26
Government Camp OR 97028

503-272-3206 X1107



Saturday August 31 Camp Dakota

I next drove to Camp Dakota.

This is a great place to camp. They also have a big paintball area.

We first zipped 3 lines twice that went over a pond.

Then I zipped 4 other lines with just the guides. They were longer and faster.

A great adventure and nice place for families.

My wonderful guides were Chewy, Hurricane and Zade!

more later

Camp Dakota Camping & Adventures
1843 Crooked Finger Road NE
Scotts Mills, Oregon 97375



Saturday August 31 Tree to Tree Ziplines Gaston, Oregon

I arrived on Friday afternoon and talked to Molly, whose husband's family owns Tree to Tree. They have an awesome house that looks out at the gorgeous view here. I was able to schedule a 10:15 zip for Saturday.

Tree to Tree also has a great aerial high ropes course.

My two awesome guides were Nolan and Logan.

Some great views!

Tree to Tree Adventures
2975 SW Nelson Rd
Gaston, OR 97119

(503) 357-0109


August 29-30

Visited with my friend Debbie W, in Albany for a couple of days. Had a great visit! We just hung out and caught up on our lives!