Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Monday September 2 Treehouse Island Zipline Adventures Silver lake, Washington

While zipping in Skamania, my guide told me about a zipline that had just opened on Silver Lake.

I was able to find info and drove to Treehouse Island.

The owner, Grady, took us by boat across Silver Lake to the Island. We then zipped 5 lines through beautiful trees. We climbed a lot of ladders, but we were always hooked in so even a misstep on the ladder we would not have fallen.

My guide, along with Grady was Chi! 

A very beautiful place and a nice day ziplining.

There were views of Mt St Helens as we were going across the lake. I couldn't see the top because of clouds, but we had a blue sky and nice temps for being out and about!

Treehouse Island Zipline Adventures, LLC 
4220 Spirit Lake Hwy
Silver Lake, WA 98645
(360) 274-2425

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