Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wednesday November 6 SuperZip at Canyons Zipline Ocala, Florida

#109 After the Canopy Tour, Suzanne and I got to fly like superman on the SuperZip; 1600 ft line that is 167 ft high at its highest! It was so cool! Speed was about 50 mph! Awesome experience! We had a different type of harness, and pulleys that also kept our feet up! The view was great, but it went by quickly! LOL Really a cool way to fly!

Wednesday November 6 Canyons Zipline and Canopy Tour Ocala, Florida

#108 On Wednesday, November 6, my friend, Suzanne and I had the most amazing time at Canyons Zipline and Canopy Tour, in Ocala, Florida. The high limestone cliffs and canyons are not what I typically think of for Florida. They are so beautiful with springs and lakes all around! The longest line is 1100 feet and is almost entirely over water.

I met the owners, Traci, Dave and Robert. Traci also gave us an ATV tour of the 100+ acres. 

Our awesome guides were Becky and Jenny!

This is a great place to visit. You won't believe the views, best seen at over 100 feet in the air! For those who don't want to zip, they have horseback riding! We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! 

Wednesday October 30 Natures Boot Camp Tampa, Florida

#107 While in Tampa, I zipped my "home" course at Natures Boot Camp. I always enjoy zipping there and hanging out in the good ole Florida woods...in the middle of Carrollwood! I talked to the owner, John, who was telling me about their plans to expand. They have 2 lines right now, but a 3rd will open soon. Also talked to the manager, Robert, who along with Young Tarzan, were my guides. This is a great place for a birthday party, boy scout troop or other group that wants a good activity. They have an obstacle course and mud run, also!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Monday October 28 Zoom Air Orlando Sanford, Florida

On Monday, October 28th, Dolly and I met Tina Batten, the administrator for Zoom Air Orlando in Sanford. Here, we did both of their aerial challenge courses. There were 53 elements with 9 ziplines. Another workout, but Dolly and I had a great time. Our guides, who watched us from the ground were Kara and Ben. Kara took some great photos for us, as well as, videos which will be posted in an album very soon! It was a great day and I was very happy to have a friend to enjoy it with. I also met the manager, Britta, who was the one that found an article about me and told Tina, who then invited me to come down! It is a very nice course and I got another good workout! — at Zoom Air.

Sue Zipping

Dolly Zipping

Sue Zipping

Dolly Zipping

 Ben, Sue and Britta

  Ben, Dolly, Sue and Britta

 Kara, our guide and photographer!